Private Label

Private label skincare products refer to a business arrangement in which a third-party manufacturer (that would be us) produces skincare products and allows another company or individual (the private labeler, which would be you) to brand and market those products as their own (please ensure that you have the legal rights to use the brand name).

In simple words, we offer skincare products that you can customize with your own logo and sell in the places of your choice, whether it is online platforms like amazon, walmart, ebay, or social media platforms like tiktok and instagram, it depends on you!

Some Key Benefits of Private Label Products

Branding and Packaging

When you sell private label skincare products, you get to decide how they look. This is great because you can make your products look different from others and your brand’s look helps people recognize your products easily.

If your private label product bottles and boxes look nice and feel good to hold, people might think they’re better quality. It’s like wearing a nice outfit – it makes a good impression and increase the reliability which is very important in skincare industry. We are good at it, here are examples.

Customer Loyalty

When you create your own skincare brand, you make products that are special and different. This can make your customers feel like they’re getting something just for them, which they can’t find anywhere else.

When customers find a skincare product they really like, they’re more likely to stick with your brand, they will keep come back for more, luckily, we are also great with creating top quality private label skincare products, our third party certifications speak for themselves.

Higher Margins

Selling your own brand of skincare products, like with private label, can help you make more money on each one you sell. This happens because it costs less to make these products in a scale, but the brand value you added lets you sell the products at a higher price.

Timeline for Turnkey Private Label Skincare Products

Average total time: 6-8 weeks (Shipping time not included)

Step 1

Concept development & sample order

Please fill out the requirement form or contact us directly, we will get back to you to discuss the your product needs. No worries, our experienced professionals will guide you through every step if you are new to this. Then we need to arrange payment for the sample.

Once payment is received, we will promptly create and ship the samples to you within one week. It might take another week on the way of shipment, it depends on your location.

1 Week

Step 2

Formula adjustment & onboarding

We will customize the private label product’s formula to meet your requirements. Once you have confirmed the sample and formula, we will proceed with necessary paperwork, which may include legal documents and an NDA if required. Additionally, we will set up payment details, and a 50% deposit will be required.

1 Week

Step 3

Packaging selection & design

Choose the product container and packaging from our selection, and our in-house designer will create customized packaging and labeling designs to align with your brand vision and specific requirements.

1-3 Week

Step 4

Pilot production & quality assessment

Once the design is mutually approved, we will initiate a pilot production of a dozen products. After passing our in-house quality assessment, we will send you these products, which will be identical to the final product.

1 Week

Step 5

Mass production & shipment

After confirming the pilot product, we will commence mass production and simultaneously obtain any necessary certifications as per your requirements. Once this process is complete, we will promptly ship the products to you.

1-2 Week

Additional Service

We offer three sets of high-quality product photos at no cost to all our private label partners. Check our design & photograph display to have an idea what you can expect. These photos, captured by our in-house photographer, are ideal for your social media content and promotional needs. They can be modified to your specific requirements.

Private Label Skincare Products Manufacturer - Rixin Cosmetics

Why work with us

For over 25 years, we have been dedicated professionals in the OEM & ODM skincare manufacturing industry. With our advanced production equipment and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our private label skincare products are crafted to fit your needs. And we have special low MOQ available fom our products list, small batch skincare private label from 500 pieces.

Here’s why we deserve to be chosen:

Best Product Quality and Customization

We make sure our private label skincare products are the best by using high-quality ingredients within your provided budget and sticking to strict rules set by GMPC, ISO22716, and the FDA for making beauty products.

This careful work means our products are top-quality and we get reliable third party certificates. Also, you can change these skincare products to fit your brand perfectly, from choosing what goes in them (ingredients), to what the packaging looks like.

Expertise and Support

With 25 years of experience, we are backed by a team of experienced chemists, formulators and skincare professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge in producing top-quality private label skincare products in the industry.

We’ll be there to help you at every stage, from creating the product to giving you ongoing support.

Timely Delivery

For your private label skincare products, we ensure speedy and reliable delivery. Our lead time is 45 business days after confirmation of payment.

Our optimized production process means your orders arrive exactly when you need them, helping you keep your customers happy without delay.

Free Product Design

To help your brand shine, we offer free product design services by our in-house professional designer. As your beauty products vendor, we aim to make the best product design for your private label products. Please check our design and photography display as reference.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your packaging and labelling fit the target market and your needs to attract your target audience.

Free Professional Product Photography

Good looking pictures are very important to success in private label skincare product for DTC brands. That’s why we provide free professional product photography for you to start by our in-house photographer.

These great pictures will make your skincare products look amazing in your ads, on social media, on your online shop, and even on posters in front of your store. This will help get customers interested and increase your sales.

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